Hostnetindia’s Dedicated Server Review

A dedicated server is an internet or web hosting in which one person leases an entire server and not shared with another person. Owners have full control over the server, operating system, hardware, etc. it is best for high traffic websites because it can easily load high data at different places. If hosting service provider […]

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Major Points of Managed VPS Hosting

Basically, shared web server is the primary choice of new entrepreneur. A shared server is used by a huge number of bloggers. Nevertheless, shared hosting doesn’t have capability to run a giant website. So there are lots of website owners want to switch their web services. They prefer managed VPS hosting very often. Because it […]

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What are the Advantages of Shared Web Hosting?

Shared web hosting service is very common among internet users or new entrepreneurs. This service provides by many web hosting companies. Every new blogger wants to host their website on a shared server. Because shared hosting service is more secure, cost-effective, reliable and stable. But another side, there are many disadvantages of shared hosting and […]


Why Cloud Computing Is Important

Why Cloud Computing…..?? Cloud Hosting has several advantages our other hosting services and continuously increasing its value in the market with lots of advantages and benefits. We love cloud computing & you should too, let’s discuss why………………….???? What is cloud computing/hosting? Did you know that when multiple servers are joined together at different server locations […]

Why Windows SSD Cloud Is Better For Big Data

Why Windows SSD Cloud is better for Big Data Why Windows SSD Cloud is better for Big Data If you are company/individual with large data then definitely this post will be beneficial for you. Here this post explains why public cloud is better than other options. According to a recent survey by Oracle, 80% of […]

Things Consider Before Selecting Dedicated Server

Things Consider Before Selecting Dedicated Server I’ll just start it with a practical question. Just think you want to make an app like Facebook. There are many people who have this ambition. Here the question number one which occurs is which server you need. I always suggest to consider below points before selecting any dedicated […]


How To Secure Your Site With HTTPS

How To Secure Your Site With HTTPS What is Internet Security: Protecting In-Transit Information It’s very crucial to protect your sensitive information when using the web. We hear the news Every day, about stealing of private information like credit cards credentials, internet bank logins, email passwords, and social networks travel over the web so obviously […]

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Shared Hosting Vs Others Hosting In India

What is shared Hosting? Shared hosting is the first option to launch your website on internet. It has some benefits and some limits. We can explain it with the example of a new startup. When a startup company starts business a website is very import platform to launch its products where it can show its […]

Know about Cloud Hosting

In most of the cases, web hosting is easy to implement and access. You can easily determine who will get an access to the data stored. There are external and traditional sources of data storing but if any disaster takes place to your premises, you will lose everything. If you have online backup support, should […]